Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Overview: How to Increase Potency?

How to Increase PotencyA healthy sexual life has many benefits. It can help us feel happier, healthier and live longer. But sometimes there are sexual disorders, when insufficient erection does not allow to enjoy wonderful moments in our lives.

As a rule, young men do not have serious erectile problems. If a man is middle-aged or older, this problem can be more complicated. After the age of 50, the testosterone level decreases by one percent annually, there are changes in blood vessels, blood circulation is slowed down. But today, this problem can be solved: Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has numerous drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment.

A diet to increase potency

You can improve your potency by eating some foods that increase potency:

  • Onions, garlic, kince. These products help stimulate blood circulation and improve erection;
  • Bananas. This fruit contains a lot of potassium, which can help lower blood pressure. It improves the health of the genitals, increases sexual attraction and potency;
  • Tomatoes and pepper. These natural products help to strengthen blood flow by reducing hypertension and inflammation;
  • Eggs. This product contains vitamins of group B, which allow maintaining hormonal balance. They can reduce stress that often suppresses erection;
  • Walnuts with honey. Daily intake – five tablespoons;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. They can be found in fish (salmon and tuna), avocados and olive oil. These beneficial products stimulate the flow of blood to the internal organs;
  • Vitamin B1. This vitamin helps the signals of our nervous system to move faster, including signals from the penis to the brain. It can be found in beans, pork, peanuts and kidneys;
  • Limit sweets and beer, which cause an increased production of the hormone cortisol, reducing the libido.

Men’s healthy lifestyle: tips to improve potency

  1. Refuse harmful habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs) that can harm men’s sexual abilities, since they are narrowing the blood vessels. Alcohol can be the cause of a relaxed penis. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy studies show that a small amount of red wine can improve blood circulation and erection. But too much alcohol can affect your sex life and health of the prostate;
  2. Physical exercise is a great way to relieve stress, improve sexual and reproductive health;
  3. Proper sleep. Poor sleep leads to a significant cortisol ejection;
  4. No need to overwork. When a man is exhausted, his erection will be very poor. You need to know your limits;
  5. Walk without shoes. This remedy greatly enhances erection. During walking barefooted, irritation and stimulation of all active points on the foot occurs;
  6. Take a contrast shower – it has a very good effect on erection. But you have to do it correctly, without significant temperature variations;
  7. Reduce stress. Stress can decrease libido. It increases the frequency of heart attacks and increases blood pressure. This is very harmful to men’s libido and erection. You need to try to live more calmly. The more calm a man, the harder and stronger his penis.

Drugs for male potency

drugs for EDCanadian Neighbor Pharmacy sells all basic pills to increase potency and prolong sexual act:

  1. Generic Viagra (Sildenafil citrate). These pills to improve erection are very popular. They affect the area of the small pelvis, increasing blood supply in this area. One hour after receiving the tablet, a man experiences a strong erection. The active ingredient of this drug relaxes muscles, expands blood vessels and restores response to sexual desire. But Viagra pills have many side effects. They are active from two hours to three days. As a result of increased blood circulation, the cardiovascular system can suffer, and arterial pressure can rise. There is a risk of exacerbation of the problems of the gastrointestinal tract;
  2. Generic Cialis (Tadalafil). Cialis is an effective medication for erectile dysfunction treatment (impotence) – when a man can’t achieve erection, which is necessary for normal sexual intercourse. Until recently, it was a serious problem that led not only to physiological discomfort, but also broke couples. Cialis drug approved by the FDA allows you to forget the phrase “male weakness.” It acts quickly (no later than in half an hour) and is effective for 36 hours, which allows you not to choose the moment of intimacy, and always be ready. In addition, generic Cialis does not affect the activity of sperm and the ability to fertilize the egg;
  3. Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) 20mg. Levitra is a drug developed by German scientists to restore male power. This is unbelievable, but according to the efficiency indicator, this remedy for erectile dysfunction is often considered the best among all existing drugs for male potency. Scientists guarantee that this drug will come to the rescue even to those men who failed in the therapy with other PDE5 inhibitors.

All these pills improve blood circulation in the genitals and relax smooth muscles. The drugs expand the blood vessels of the penis, increasing potency. But they are effective only if there is sexual stimulation, they can only improve the effect. They can not be taken on a daily basis. Drugs for erectile dysfunction over the counter have contraindications and should be prescribed by a doctor, who takes the health of the man into account.

And some more tips for erectile dysfunction treatment…

  • Ultraviolet rays intensify erection. Solar light suppresses the natural development of melatonin in the body. This is a hormone that helps us sleep, but reduces our sexual needs and libido. A smaller amount of melatonin in the body means greater potential for sexual desire. In addition, under the influence of sunlight, the body produces vitamin D, which strengthens male sexual ability;
  • There are two involved in sex. Therefore, in order to get a successful sexual act, psychological comfort is needed for both partners;
  • You can buy sex toys that promote sexual activity. These toys give novelty to the relationship, strengthen the libido of the man.

So, men of any age may have erectile problems. In such situations, you should contact a doctor who will conduct an examination and prescribe the best medicine for erectile dysfunction.