Erectile Dysfunction: Facts and Myths

Have you ever had problems with erection? Do you have personal questions about your intimate relationship with your partner? If yes, then perhaps you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is not a disease. This condition is caused by physical disorders such as diabetes and low blood pressure. Learn also information about impotence and smoking – smoking is considered as a possible cause of impotence, erectile dysfunction. There are cases when erectile dysfunction was caused by stress or trauma. There is so much to understand about this disorder. To help you get a clearer picture of what makes a person «powerless», here are some myths and facts about male erectile dysfunction by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Myth: Facing Erectile Dysfunction is Inevitable when You Reach a Certain Age

Not necessarily. Although male sexual activity fades with aging, it does not mean that they are considered medically impotent. Older men may need more time to achieve erection or they may need more physical stimulation. They are also at risk of getting health problems such as hypertension or diabetes, which can contribute to development of erectile dysfunction.myths about impotence

Fact: Smoking Leads to Impotence

Unfortunately for smokers, this is not a myth. Medical research has shown that smoking causes impotence, reducing flow of blood to penis. Nicotine, a chemical substance that causes addiction to cigarette smoke (smoking), limits flow of blood to penis, blocking key arteries. Moreover, nicotine disrupts operation of valvular mechanisms of arteries and vessels, which would prevent outflow of blood from penis.

Myth: If Prescribed Drugs did not Solve Problem with Potency, is This the End?

This opinion is not always true. There are other methods that are available now that can help in treatment of erectile dysfunction. These methods are safe and effective, but treatment should be performed by certified physicians. One of the most popular methods for treating impotence today is vacuum therapy.

Myth: Young People do not Experience «Male Impotence»

This is completely wrong. In fact, every tenth man in the age of 21 years, inevitably faces erectile dysfunction or impotence. Causes of these cases are most often associated with patient’s mental health, not with his physical well-being.

Myth: My Partner will Leave Me as Soon as I Become Impotent

Although erectile dysfunction can have negative effect on your relationship, there are many treatments available in our days. Online Canadian Pharmacy reports showed that couples who underwent these procedures experienced significant improvement in the quality of their relationship.