Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy – Quality Service is a Priority for Us!

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is one of the leading drug retailers on the Internet. Our pharmacy offers a particularly wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications, hygiene products, food additives, and cosmetics. In addition, in our pharmacy customers will always find responsive and competent pharmacists.

We offer a special atmosphere of the brand and hospitable environment where every visitor will feel safe and in good hands. Competence, friendliness, modernity, innovation and client involvement are five values that characterize the activity of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.CANADIAN NEIGHBOR PHARMACY

Results of our clients’ treatment are very important to us. Therefore:

  • we pay great attention to pharmaceutical advice on the correct, effective and safe use of medicines;
  • we participate in monitoring of effectiveness and safety of medicines, interact with clinical bases of medical institutions.
  • a learning process for us is never interrupted.
  • we employ only smart and energetic specialists.

Wide Assortment

The assortment of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy counts more than 2000 thousand items for health and beauty. In addition to all kinds of medications (including rare) and medical products, we can offer various preventive complexes and dietary supplements, dietary and therapeutic nutrition, aesthetic and dermatological premium cosmetics, medical equipment and appliances and much more.

In our drugstore, you can buy everything you need not only for yourself but also pick up useful gifts for loved ones.

The assortment has always been and will be our advantage. Here you can find necessary medicine – from aspirin to rare drugs, with the help of experienced consultants pick up medicinal cosmetics and hygiene products.

Products are purchased only from authorized distributors, have all necessary licenses and certificates. Direct deliveries from suppliers exclude the possibility of the appearance of counterfeit products.

Quality Service

We strive to ensure that our clients not only receive all quality medicines they need but also feel our attention and care. The pharmacy has a convenient mode of operation – 24 hours a day. In pharmacies, you can make purchases with the help of bank cards of Visa, MasterCard.

Our goal is not only to help people in the treatment of diseases but also to help restore strength, improve mood and relax. Therefore, we try to maintain comfort and comfortable conditions on the website.

We have effective customer service. Here you can get all necessary information about the availability of goods in our pharmacy, prices and operating modes of the pharmacy. For the convenience of buyers, goods are delivered to the house (order on our website).

Professional Staff

In Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, customers are mainly serviced by employees with higher pharmaceutical education, who are also constantly trained:

  • in clinical pharmacology 2 times a month;
  • to improve quality of service and merchandising, with the participation of full-time coach, as well as with the help of outside specialists;
  • independently according to the plan of self-education, which each employee has.

Exchange of experience and knowledge, mentoring is a distinctive feature of our company. Personal development is one of our priorities, therefore, training is conducted constantly, considerable resources are invested in it.

We make every day efforts to ensure that our customers meet only professional and friendly service in our pharmacies.

The corporate culture that has developed over almost 20 years is one of the main advantages of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. The claimed mission, three principles of work, formed brand and much more – this is the corporate spirit that causes a sense of pride for our pharmacy in our employees.

We are trusted because we talk and do only what we believe ourselves. We are responsible, honest, clear and consistent.